Running your own business requires a high level of productivity and focus, which can be hard to achieve if you don’t have a dedicated workspace. If you don’t have office space in your home, make it a priority, whether that means making renovations or finding a new home that better suits your business needs.


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Designing your dream office


Your office should be a reflection of your business and should aim to strike a cohesive blend of function and comfort. Consider the functions of your business, and create an office that supports those uses. For example, if you’re a psychiatrist and you see clients in your home, you need a private space with comfortable seats. Or if you’re an architect, you’ll need a large drawing table and plenty of light to help you work.


While there may be some specific elements that you need for your business, nearly all home businesses require similar basic equipment. A comfortable chair, desk, and computer are vital. If you have space for it, consider getting a standing desk to allow you to stretch your legs. It’s also important to have plenty of light in your office. While natural light is best, a desk lamp will help you stay alert and motivated.


Beyond the basics, consider other design elements that will help promote productivity. Colors play a large role in energy: if you need an energetic workspace, choose yellows, oranges, and reds. Or if you work better in a calming environment, greens and blues are great. Consider artwork for the walls if you crave inspiration and houseplants to help soothe your mind.

Consider renovations


One challenge that faces many small business owners is a shortage of space. If your home is lacking an extra room for your home office, consider ways you might renovate your house to include a new office. Areas that often work well for renovations include attics, basements, and storage closets.


While you might have great square footage in your attic or basement, you might not have the right structural requirements. Before getting carried away, hire a contractor who can assess your space and determine whether it’s viable for renovating. Ensure you have proper insulation, lighting, and ventilation before you start renovation plans.


A storage closet can be a great option for business owners who don’t need too much space. Cleverly dubbed the “cloffice,” a closet-turned-office can help keep your costs down if you don’t want to invest in pricey renovations.

Hunt for a new house


For some business owners, buying a new home might be the best option. Be sure to follow some important steps as you start looking, such as determining what you can afford and getting pre-approved for a loan. You should also aim to find a trusted real estate agent, and begin your house search online.

Home business tips


If you’re just starting out as a new business, be sure to set up a business structure that works for you. One popular option is a limited liability company or LLC. It offers multiple benefits, including tax advantages, less paperwork, and plenty of flexibility. Your personal assets will also be protected under an LLC. You can set up an LLC on your own or hire a formation service — no need to pay hefty lawyer’s fees. Just check the regulations in your state to ensure you’re following the rules.


Creating a home office has its challenges, but you’ll benefit enormously from having your own dedicated workspace. Consider what design elements are right for your business, and see if you can renovate an area of your home to make it all happen. Or if your current house is just too small, work with Ana Picanço Linnehan to find a new home to suit your needs.

By: Tina Martin of Ideaspired.